Multi Crew

BRA ATR 72-500

We provide a complete range of Crew Resource Management training services for airlines and all types of aviation operators. Clients include all kinds of operators, Commuter, Airline, Charter, Business

Our Crew Resource Management facilitators have both wide experience as operational aircrew and extensive experience as CRM trainers.

We work with all types of aviation organisations to develop and deliver CRM programmes adressed to your specific organisation

CRM – Crew Resource Management – is the effective use of all available resources for flight crew personnel to assure a safe and efficient operation, reducing error, avoiding stress and increasing efficiency

Research has concluded there is a minimum of four links to an error chain, with the average number being seven. If you are a single pilot who has had CRM training and you remain aware, stay vigilant, are always on the lookout for factors which can cause you to lose SA, and recognize early on any of the nine cues that you may be losing SA, you can immediately address them and thus break a link in an error chain forming.