Christer Harju

Crew Resource Management and Human Factors

Aviation background

PPL, CPL IR and ME in Bromma Flying School in the mid eighties

Testimonial Saab

“Since 2013 Saab Flight Operations has used Crew Academy as a supplier for both CRM training and for Ground Instructors. We are very pleased with the high skills and flexibility, and how the education is customized for our purposes”

Tommy Karlsson
Saab Flight Operations
Captain G6000/S2000

Testimonial - BRA

“Braathens regional have used Crew academy as the CRM/HF facilitator since 2011. Their enthusiasm  and engagement encourage our crew to perform at their best.”

Fredrik Bogren, 
Head of Training BRA ATO
NPCT BRA Airways

Christer Harju is my trademark. In 2010, when my medical certificate were revoked by the Swedish Authoritys due to a metastatic skin cancer, I trained to become an authorized CRM Instructor. I then established my company. Since then I have Facilitate, Lectured, and Educated Pilots, Cabin Crew, Technicians, Mechanics, and all other personnel involved in a Commercial Flight

The idea was to deliver a new CRM perspective to all persons involved in a Commercial Flight, by use of actual incidents and accidents as case studies, were the students reads a report and then come to conclusions together in group work

I will then facilitate my students based upon their thoughts and conclusions

Human development

We live in a world where the technical progress sometimes goes faster than the development of the human brain, in a world where the ability to exploit resources, collaborate and understand other people is becoming ever more important.

In this world, we really need to learn about performance and limitations of the human brain